Saturday, June 3, 2023
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What to expect from Hannover Messe 2023? | Dr. Jochen Köckler EXCLUSIVE

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What to expect from Hannover Messe 2023? | Dr. Jochen Köckler EXCLUSIVE

What to expect from Hannover Messe 2023? | Dr. Jochen Köckler EXCLUSIVE

Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology, organised by Deutsche Messe, is scheduled to take place April 17-21, in Hannover, Germany. More than 4,000 exhibitors from across the globe including 70 companies from India are expected to attend the mecca of industrial technology. The event preparation is in full swing now.

How is preparation underway?

We are very happy with Hannover Messe 2023. We restarted last year, and we are now looking at 4000+ exhibitors. We have around 70 Indian companies. It’s now almost March so it’s not realistic to have more but whoever is really willing to be there please join us. And yes, Hannover Messe is back this year with two major trends; Digitalization, which was discovered 10 years ago, and Industry 4.0. We have a lot of topics about Data and Artificial Intelligence and the second main topic is Sustainability. We do a lot that keeps the industry decarbonized. Therefore, we have a lot of opportunities, especially in energy in a cleaner and more friendly way.

Hannover is all about innovation and apart from digitalization and alternate fields like hydrogen, what else will be in focus this time?

The two topics are Sustainability and hydrogen is one big example. We have more than 500 exhibitors who would like to demonstrate how hydrogen can be used industrially. And the second biggest aspect is Artificial Intelligence. Everyone knows what ChatGPT can do. We are convinced that you can ask a computer to design a machine. The machine will not be perfect. However, that will be the basic idea to make it better, more competitive, and more innovative. Sustainability and Digitalization are the key drivers and all the big companies we know are there. We have more than 300 startups. It is again the mixture and for innovation, it doesn’t matter if it’s founded in a company 200 years old or in a startup six months old.

Do you see any interactions happening with startups participating in this exhibition?

Today it’s not only cool it’s a smart idea to run your own business to make your own experience and if you fail you are welcome in every company. We need this culture to innovate faster because many established companies are unable to give young people the opportunity to be the big boss in a startup atmosphere. We, the platform organizers at Hannover Messe are very keen to combine both. In Hannover to create an atmosphere to bring people together, to bring ideas together, we offer their specific programs.

We invite startups. We know they cannot plan a long-term way to participate in two years somewhere. Now some weeks before the show, we invite them if there are startups from India who are interested you should contact us about how to be there, you can do an elevator pitch and that is quite clear as standards have everything but the only missing thing is contact. If you have one week and you can test your idea and you find one investor who would like to buy you then you know you have an excellent idea. If you find no one interested in your idea, you should think about it and see if it’s really an excellent idea. That is so efficient in one week to make this a proof of concept.

Your message to the potential Indian visitors, who are interested in visiting Hannover?

You are welcome in Hannover because the future is innovative and global and we need India. You are with your 1.4 billion citizens so important, you’re a young generation and are able to speak English so you fit perfectly in our Global-industrial world and Hannover is the world’s leading and most international innovative shows so you are welcome and if you are struggling with accommodation or other things, please contact us we help you with travel agencies and other things you’re welcome in Hannover.

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