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ECE India eyes 1.2 GW manufacturing capacity

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ECE India eyes 1.2 GW manufacturing capacity

ECE India Energies, a leading player in India’s renewable energy sector, has announced ambitious plans to expand its manufacturing capacity to 1.2 GW.

Alongside this endeavor, the company has strategically appointed nearly 100 Channel Partners, signaling a significant increase in its regional presence, including in South India. Looking ahead, ECE India Energies aims to scale up its network by targeting 10,000 solar channel partners by 2032.

Want to know more? Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Aniket Tondare, Director – Sales at ECE India Energies!

ECE India aims to provide solar energy for all and relies on channel partners to achieve this. At REI, you mentioned targeting 10,000 channel partners. Can you update us on the progress?
We have already appointed nearly 100 channel partners in Maharashtra, and the number is growing in UP, Rajasthan, and Telangana. To support this channel partner program, we have launched the ECE India ecosystem. This platform allows our channel partners to manage their businesses seamlessly. They can use the ecosystem for quotations, loan applications, pipeline management, and accessing documentation related to the national portal. It also provides a single window for e-bills, IV curves, warranty certificates, and DCR certificates. Partners can manage inventory and extend services to end customers, who can raise queries, request services, and monitor energy generation. It’s a comprehensive software platform for our channel partners.

Which states are you targeting next, besides UP, Telangana, and Rajasthan?
We have already established our presence in Maharashtra, UP, and northern India. Now, we are expanding to Hyderabad to extend our partnerships in South India, focusing on Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Did you have any productive discussions at RenewX 2024?
Yes, we have some exciting announcements to make. We have partnered with a distributor in Hyderabad and are now also present in Warangal with two appointed distributors. Additionally, we have another distributor in the pipeline for Andhra Pradesh, and we will soon have stock available in Kerala.

Are you planning to cover all of South India?
Absolutely. Our next target is to maintain and enhance our presence and visibility in South India.

As you expand into larger markets, increasing your production capacity is essential. What steps have you taken to achieve this?
We plan to establish a 1.2 GW production line in Maharashtra and Amaravati. Additionally, after setting up the 1.2 GW line, management is considering self-manufacturing in that area.

Besides manufacturing solar modules, what other technological developments are anticipated?
We also specialize in road safety products, including traffic signals, speedometers, and barricades.

ECE India is led by technocrats, and after speaking with some employees, it’s clear that the company operates at a distinct level. What sets you apart in this regard?
As part of our management role, it’s our top priority to provide our employees with an excellent work environment, a comfortable living space, and a high standard of living. At ECE India, we strive to offer benefits and opportunities that set us apart from other corporate firms. Over the past three years, our management has focused on two key areas: enhancing employee well-being and strengthening our brand. Our HR policies are designed to be more attractive and beneficial for our staff, fostering greater dedication to their work and to ECE India.

What are the future drivers of ECE India’s business, and what objectives do you aim to accomplish?
This fiscal year, we’re excited about adding substantial utility-scale projects to our portfolio. We’ve already signed promising agreements with developers. By the fiscal year’s end, we anticipate nearly reaching a 100 MW portfolio solely from utility-scale projects at ECE India. Additionally, we’re expanding our channel network in South India, which is expected to significantly contribute to our growth this year.


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