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VARGUS brings new MACH TT Supersonic threading machine to India

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VARGUS brings new MACH TT Supersonic threading machine to India

Harry Ehrenberg, President, VARGUS Ltd.:
How do you look at the business’s potential growth in the Indian market?
VARGUS has already been 25 years active in the Indian market. We focused on the Indian market and we have enjoyed seeing the growth of the Indian market but today I think this is an entirely different India. It has become one of the most important markets in the world and we believe in the growth of the future growth we see the infrastructure and projects that you have, we see the investment in equipment machines, education, and people and yes, we believe and for us, India will be a very important market for the future.

What are the significant growth drivers that you see in the future?
For us, India has always been number four or number five for its size. We believe that it will continue also for VARGUS. We will have more presence in this market and we believe in technology, entrepreneurship, and people in this market.

What are your long-term, mid-term, and short-term objectives for the drivers in India?
The short-term objective is now this year to find more professional people that join us to grow strong to be part of the growth of the Indian economy. and in the long term we definitely, speak about two to three years we hope that we will be able to have our manufacturing site in the Indian market.

Avi Cohen, CEO, VARGUS Ltd.:
World Bank Report suggests that India is better positioned to navigate Global headwinds than other major emerging economies. Do you agree?
I also read this World Bank assessment, I’m aware of this microeconomic situation. I think I mostly agree. India itself has a very large domestic market, a local market, and therefore less exposed to exports than other countries. And we saw India demonstrated during the Covid period when the recovery from this period was relatively fast.

Over the last few years, India has been able to improve its ranking with the ease of doing business index. Has the situation improved on the ground?
Yes, very much. Although there is much still room for improvement. I must say that India made a very big step in the last few years for example introducing the GST Tax System, which helped a lot of importers like Vargus India. Some digitalization processes in terms of reporting to the government, and infrastructure are very nice. We see the new roads, the new airports, we definite improvement and we like it.

How would you like to strengthen the market in India?
We will continue to position ourselves stronger and stronger by adding more experienced people, professional people, and technical support to the market and new products.

Baruch Books, VP Sales & Marketing, VARGUS Ltd.:
What will drive the growth of Vargus in India?
The drive for growth it’s actually, it’s our strategy as a company. Our strategy to bring something different to them to the market, something unique, something with added value to the customer, and what is driving us very strong in the last year in the Indian market, especially the new product that we came we bring to the market revolutionary, breakthrough products product that can give much more productivity to the customer. The customer gets much more added value from our products and not just products that he has had until now.

What are the strategies for your footprint in India and its growth?
We continue to invest. We see as India a very important market for us. Worldwide Market is growing very fast and especially in the last year we see the Improvement in this country and it’s given us more motivation to come and invest more. Our investment here is not only in the sales but we’re investing in the knowledge we bring much more knowledge, and we bring multi-new technology. We live in this market as I say it’s important it’s one of the future markets and we are very happy to be here and to continue for many years.

Rahul Patil, MD, VARGUS India:
What is your biggest takeaway from IMTEX 2023?
IMTEX is such a great platform for us to display our latest innovative products and Vargus is a leader in threading, we want to show our customers that we invest every year a lot on R&D. We have developed products for them and this is the right platform in Southeast Asia IMTEX is recognized in many areas and we want to showcase our products so you can see all the new products which are launched for our customers and we want to take this advantage to capture the opportunity. In the last two days, we got huge opportunities, very interesting discussions, and very good leads about the products, about channel partner requests. I think we are astonished by this and we want to continue to invest in new development we will participate in IMTEX in the coming years as well.

Which products got the highest number of visitors and why?
We have received a good response for our new launch which is Mach, it is the supersonic threading and we have invested a lot in this product. It has gained popularity in the market. Nowadays people are looking for productivity and this is the right choice for the customers where we are giving huge savings in terms of cycle time, in terms of cost saving and this is a revolutionary product in the market which has been recognized everywhere every Market you name any company this has to make a huge vibration and noise in the market I can say Mach is the highest demanding product on the stall as well as in the market.

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