Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing | mojo4industry Development Debate


Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing | mojo4industry Development Debate

The next industrial revolution, better known as Industry 4.0, involves a combination of cyber-physical systems, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) which together creates a smart factory. In the present scenario, the new wave of connected smart factories powered by Industry 4.0 is transforming the manufacturing ecosystem worldwide.

On this note, mojo4industry conducted a Development Debate titled: Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing where industry stalwarts have explained why is Industry 4.0 important in today’s manufacturing. They also explained some of the smart technologies that are making the factories smarter. HERE’S THE HIGHLIGHTS FOR YOU!


  • Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India
  • Mr. Bipin B. Jirge, Managing Director, ifm electronic India
  • Mr. Ramji Singh, VP – Sales & Marketing, Schmersal India


  • How can companies in India be ready for Industry 4.0?
  • How can companies benefit from Industry 4.0 ecosystem?
  • Machine Safety 4.0: To automate & enhance man & machine for safe working place
  • What are the critical steps for successfully implementation of Industry 4.0 at an industrial level?

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