Electrical safety tips

electrical safety tips
Electrical safety tips

Electrical safety tips

Being aware of the fact that electricity is a dynamic power source, we must always exercise some precautions when working with electricity. According to the statistics, every year, millions of electrical fires, injuries and accidents of electrocutions happen due to negligence and unsafe practices when using electricity and electrical equipment. We can definitely avoid such mishappenings by following certain ground rules regarding the safe handling of electricity. In this regard, mojo4industry speaks with experts on the tips for Electrical Safety.

pankaj dharkar founder & president pankaj dharkar & associates (pda)
Pankaj Dharkar, Founder & President, Pankaj Dharkar& Associates (PDA)

Opening the discussion on the topic, Pankaj Dharkar, Founder & President, Pankaj Dharkar & Associates (PDA) highlighted the fact that electrical fires constitute a significant number of total numbers of building fires each year. The reason quoted is just short circuit. They are in most cases direct result of overheating of the cables and equipment. “The actual factors can link to poor power quality issues in the network which needs to be monitored and minimized on a regular basis to avoid fires. If we try to analyse it, the wire insulation damage is one of the causes from many that will lead to some arson like situation,” he added.

Another reason for wire insulation damage is that the over current protection of the devices at times fails to operate and then there is a high current that might pass and damage the appliance and the cable due to overheating. There are also instances of short circuiting in the plugs or the device internally in case of defect or fault in the internal wiring.

Dharkar also brought to notice the surge in voltages that lead to equipment failure as they end up frequently heating and rapid cooling thereby risking sparks. To avoid such scenarios, the best of man solutions is thermographic analysis. Thermographic analysis helps in identifying the loose wiring, ignorance of standards, non-compliance working and more.

Speaking about the challenges involved in the installation of electric system, Dharkaragrees that monsoon brings a lot of challenges in the installation and we have to take care of several aspects. “The earthing and lighting protection system is the top priority. Very often earthing and lightening protection system are not considered even with the plush localities coming up. This is something which is neglected during the building. Specifically in areas where lightning incidences are higher, there should be a periodical checking of the system which will keep in check and if needed steps to improve the system need to be taken,” concludes Dharkar.

shreegopal kabra managing director & group president rr global
Shreegopal Kabra, Managing Director & Group President, RR Global

Expressing his views about handling electric safety, ShreegopalKabra, Managing Director & Group President, RR Global highlighted a shocking fact that the Central Vista project which is coming up with the new parliament and other official buildings with improper wiring system. This is shocking as top officials and bureaucrats will be sitting and working in the area and faulty wiring will be a disaster and can cause serious damage. Speaking more on the topic Kabra rightly state that “This has to be rectified as soon as possible. There are faulty wiring in many homes and offices which is disheartening as it indicates that we have not taken human life seriously and are in fact playing with it.”

Kabra further added that there are different specifications for wires and we cannot make use of wires with one specification everywhere. Most of the products are inferior as per the global standards. “It is high time we follow the global standards,” he concludes.=

harold dsouza regional commercial manager british approvals service for cables (basec) v
Harold Dsouza, Regional Commercial Manager, British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC)

Harold Dsouza, Regional Commercial Manager, British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) was quick to point out the fact that there is a huge confusion at times with the type of cable that is to be used in the wiring.“All the cables in the building should have fire resistance properties which is something strictly followed in the EU and UK. Any cable inside the building should have the minimum properties. There are different standards in the British and Indian standards yet it is not followed,” he summed up.

In one way or another, these safety standards come into play when laying down a home electrical setup. The rules are among the most relevant for a general user as that’s normally the contact point for most of us. So, make sure to look for proper safety standardization when buying switches, wires and sockets. Only buy electrical products from brands you trust. That will keep all hazards at bay.


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