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Why polyurethane is good for construction?

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Why polyurethane is good for construction?

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Polyurethane, often referred to simply as PU, is making waves in the construction sector. This remarkable material is being recognized as the “Hero Material” for several key reasons that could redefine industry standards. Watch this exclusive report on why Polyurethane is being hailed as the future of construction.

1. Vivek Mittal, Executive Director, Deloitte;
2. Aniruddha Nakhawa, National Hon. Gen. Treasurer-Elect, Builders’ Association of India; 3. Mahesh Bangad, Chairman, Architects, Engineers, & Surveyors Association;
4. Dr. Shraddha Jadhav, HOD, Department of Interior Spaces, Vishwakarma University, Pune.

When asked about their take, ‘Why polyurethane’?
Vivek Mittal said: Polyurethane is a versatile material with many undiscovered applications, including use in building materials. In India, where construction contributes to about 40% of CO2 emissions and new buildings are constantly being constructed, polyurethane can facilitate quick construction and long-term energy conservation. Considering India’s cost-conscious market and the high demand for housing, polyurethane holds significant untapped potential and can play a crucial role in sustainable construction.

Aniruddha Nakhawa said: Regarding polyurethane and construction materials, cement has been the standard for a long time. However, researchers worldwide seek materials to reduce carbon emissions by replacing cement. Polyurethane is one such material. While it won’t completely replace cement, it is an alternative in various forms. Polyurethane can be used in construction practices, such as replacing traditional walls with drywall, being used for roofs, and serving as a waterproofing compound for sealing terraces and construction joints.

Mahesh Bangad said: Polyurethane is a highly interesting material for two main reasons: its versatility and its largely unexplored potential. Globally, polyurethane dominates 30–40% of the packaging and insulation industry, but this is not the case in India. A significant issue is the lack of awareness about its benefits, applications, and potential impact on the construction industry in India. From a construction perspective, polyurethane offers great potential by reducing costs, and weight, and enhancing sustainability. It provides better insulation, more applications, and superior finishes, making it a valuable material for the industry.

Dr. Shraddha Jadhav said: I believe there is a significant lack of awareness about polyurethane compared to other materials. As Mr. Mahesh mentioned, we need to promote this material through academic channels and our promotional activities. If building standards mandate the use of polyurethane, it could become a key material in the industry.

Watch the report now!

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