Friday, June 2, 2023
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Schneider Electric Launches EcoStruxure Rail in India

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Schneider Electric Launches EcoStruxure Rail in India

Schneider Electric announced the launch of EcoStruxure Rail in India. Through this end-to-end digital solution, the company aims to build a collaborative digital environment for a safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable metro rail operations in the country. The solution also intends to significantly enhance smart management, provide electrical safety and improve energy efficiency by upto 25%, Enables efficiency planning services and safeguard system’s operations, thereby increasing the overall operational efficiency by upto 20% and reduce the total cost of ownership by 15%.

Managing India’s rail network is becoming increasingly difficult. Some of the sector’s most important issues include the extension of metro-rail lines and stations, the system’s complexity, and the high volume of passenger traffic. Furthermore, within the limited space of the stations, there are numerous installed electrical facilities that consume a significant amount of electricity. This necessitates a continuous and reliable power supply to ensure that system operations are carried out safely and efficiently. Schneider Electric’s advanced IoT-enabled EcoStruxure Rail platform is best positioned to solve the critical challenges faced by the Indian metro-rail segment. It helps optimise energy consumption by using smart energy management solutions, integrating renewables, and braking energy recovery. Advanced building management solutions provide for the non-traction infrastructure.

Schneider Electric has collaborated with world-leading tech companies such as RIB, ETAP, and AVEVA to drive digital transformation in the metro-rail market. These companies use their robust, Vendor agnostic software portfolio to apply the “Single Version of Reality” paradigm over the entire cycle, resulting in a “Model Based Approach” in everything they do. The organization hopes to achieve this by providing all users with a consistent and collaborative dataflow across the entire lifecycle, from design to operation and maintenance.

Speaking on this, Ashutosh Shukla, Director, Transportation and Mobility, Schneider Electric India said, “The Indian government has fast-tracked sizeable metro-rail development projects to serve the demands for millions of people. The latest development has necessitated the creation of a design, planning, service, and construction strategy that drives energy efficiency. Our EcoStruxure for Rail solution aims to significantly improve operational efficiency, sustainability, asset performance, feasibility data, and employee productivity. This solution is targeted towards providing real-time awareness breaking silos, resulting in safe, comfortable, on-time operations, and effective passenger services into the Indian market.”

Ashutosh further adds, “Our partnership with AVEVA, ETAP, and RIB will further ensure seamless and collaborative dataflow through the entire metro-rail lifecycle, from Design and Build to Operate and Maintain.”

The advanced IoT-enabled EcoStruxure platform from Schneider Electric has aided Metro Rail networks around the world in four areas: power delivery, environmental control, communication, and services. It also increases the resilience of the system in case of cybersecurity attack by providing solutions to avoid and detect intrusions at all levels: control centre, telecom system and field devices. It improves the smart management, electrical safety, and atmosphere of Metro stations, as well as the operation of their systems, with solutions for:

  • Traction Power: Complete solutions for Rail electrification, including traction substations and its electrical equipment, overhead systems, control and protection for the network and microgrid supervision helping the proper energy management and operation.
  • Signaling Power: A complete portfolio designed to cover the power supply needs for critical signaling systems, oriented to feed the disperse assets spread over the tracks.
  • Distribution Power: The most comprehensive portfolio primary and secondary distribution that covers every application and every environmental conditions, including UPS and cooling systems which includes air quality control by deploying energy management solutions through HVAC, lighting etc.
  • Construction management : Through application of 5D BIM modelling adding elements of Time and cost over 3D BIM, optimize planning, estimation, scheduling, align procurement and finally digital handover end facility management.

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