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How EATON is powering India’s energy transition? | POWER TALK | Ep 1

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How EATON is powering India’s energy transition? | POWER TALK | Ep 1

Join us in this insightful episode as Subhajit Roy engages in a conversation with Ripunjay Parikh, Director Sales – Power Distribution, EATON India.

Uncover the fascinating journey of how EATON is playing a pivotal role in powering India’s energy transition. Discover the innovative solutions, strategic insights, and the impact of EATON’s contributions towards a sustainable and efficient energy landscape. 

Don’t miss out on this compelling discussion – watch this episode to gain valuable insights into the future of energy in India! 

Can you explain what the term “energy transition” means in the context of power distribution?
Currently, the world is actively addressing climate change, focusing on actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transform the way we generate, distribute, and consume energy. This emphasis underscores the importance of energy transition, a global shift in the energy sector from fossil fuel-based generation to cleaner, renewable sources. Energy transition involves reducing the consumption of fossil fuels to decrease both greenhouse gas and hazardous gas emissions.

In power generation, the transition entails moving from coal, oil, or hydrocarbon-based methods to cleaner alternatives such as solar, wind, or hydroenergy. In power distribution, an energy transition involves moving away from using SF6 gas in distribution equipment. Additionally, reducing transmission and distribution (T&D) losses is a key step in advancing energy transition. Lastly, providing clean and efficient power for electric vehicles represents another facet of the ongoing energy transition.

Eaton plays a pivotal role in this transition. How is the company contributing to the integration of renewable energy?
The global adoption of renewable energy is increasing. The demand for electricity is projected to reach 38,700 terawatt hours by 2050, with renewable sources accounting for over 50% of this demand. India has set a target to install 500 gigawatts of renewable power by 2030, reflecting a strong commitment.

The decentralized nature of renewable energy is disrupting the traditional power delivery model. Electricity no longer follows a unidirectional path from the utility generating it to the consumers using it. The evolving energy ecosystem involves a complex network of “prosumers,” referring to both consumers and businesses that produce their energy. They use it locally as needed, and in many cases, aim to export excess power back to the grid.

Eaton is consistently innovating products to meet the requirements of renewable power. Examples include 690-volt switchgear for wind applications, 800/114-volt AC circuit breakers for solar applications, and 1000-volt DC and 1500-volt DC switches and fuses to enhance the safety and security of solar power systems. Additionally, Eaton offers compact 11 KV and 33 KV switchgear to establish a robust infrastructure for efficiently feeding power from renewable facilities into the grids.

Concerns about the reliability of renewables are common. How does Eaton address these concerns?
Renewable power generation often occurs in distant locations or on rooftops, requiring a reliable and unmonitored system to ensure 100% uptime. Therefore, high-quality switching and protection devices are essential for users.

A significant challenge for renewable power is the fluctuating power output. For instance, solar power generation relies on sunlight availability for a limited period, and wind power depends on wind speeds. This necessitates the grid’s capability to handle bidirectional power flow—supplying power during low renewable availability and absorbing power during excess availability. Eaton provides smart grid solutions proficient in managing bidirectional power flow.

Apart from offering reliable switching and protection devices, Eaton provides a proven energy storage solution to address power availability variations. Energy storage brings several benefits. Firstly, it stores excess energy generated during peak sunlight or low-load weekends, which can then power facilities during times of no renewable power generation. Secondly, it contributes to grid stability by meeting peak load demands through energy storage systems, reducing grid overload and associated costs while fortifying electrical grids.

Stay tuned for episode 2 (premiering next Friday at 11 AM) to learn about how electric vehicles are driving a green transition.

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