Handy tips while buying Electric Wires

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Handy tips while buying Electric Wires

Electrical wires play a crucial role in making sure that the conductance in an electrical circuit stays at the optimum level.  High-quality electrical wires are robust, excellent conductor of electricity and capable to withstand full electrical load. However, electrical wires are often identified as a potential source of fire. In this context, right selection of electrical wires for a particular application becomes important. Industry leaders from the electric wires sector in a virtual discussion with mojo4industry share some tips which can come handy the next time you want to buy electric wires.

We love electricity – it keeps us warm, makes our homes bright, allows us to access all of our entertainment, enables us to eat a warm meal whenever we want and so much more. Electricity has made our lives more enjoyable in so many ways– but that doesn’t mean it comes without its risks–we’ll walk you through some wire buying tips that all homeowners should be aware of.

Buying tips for Electric Wires
There are two points that we can consider while purchasing the electric wire: first is the manufacturer. Even before we go for the wire purchase, it is essential that we chose the wire from the well-known manufacturer.  The next point is the standard specifications that need to have been followed. Whichever wire is being purchased, it is important to make sure that the wire is manufactured as per the standards set by ISI and it should have an ISI mark. The conductor used in the wire is also a crucial factor that needs to be brought under consideration.

hemant gadhave business unit head wires cables & tapes panasonic life solutions india
Hemant Gadhave, Business Unit Head – Wires, Cables & Tapes, Panasonic Life Solutions India

Explaining more on the copper wire, Hemant Gadhave, Business Unit Head – Wires, Cables & Tapes, Panasonic Life Solutions India says, “If the wire being used is the copper wire, then it must be 100% ETP grade copper with 99.97% purity which is the bare minimum requirement as per the standards set. Insulation plays a crucial role and hence it needs to be of high quality as it provides safety. However, the role of insulation is not just restricted to that. It should also have better oxygen index which does not support flame propagation.”

Along with the conductor in the wire, the size of the wire plays a key role. The size of the wire should always be in tandem with the load requirements and the load carrying capacity. The wrong size of wire can lead to any risky solution such as fires and shocks. Last but not the least is that dealer from whom the wire is purchased should be an authorized one.

amol kalsekar chief manager wire & cables in buildings program international copper association india ica india v3
Amol Kalsekar, Chief Manager, Wire & Cables in Buildings Program, International Copper Association India (ICA India)

“Many a times the electric points are located as per our current needs, however the problems that we might face are in future. The problem lies when more plugs are connected to the same wire. This results in the cable drawing a cumulative current to all the appliances that are connected to the point. This results in overloading and short circuit,” points out Amol Kalsekar, Chief Manager, Wire & Cables in Buildings Program, International Copper Association India (ICA India)

Wires primarily consist of conductors and insulators. As far as the conductors are concerned, their quality affects the flow of electricity. Lower conductivity leads to overheating of wires which leads to safety issue. ETP grade copper is the best conductor that has high conductivity. As far as insulations are concerned, it is made of polymeric material which forms the external covering of many wires.

“The types of wires used for different areas in a building changes with respect to the threats and the protections that are required. The fire safe cables designed ensure that the emergency fire system does not fail and that the evacuation channel does not loose power during critical scenario. Depending on the area within the building, the cable must be carefully selected for higher safety,” Kalsekar further explains.

Importance of standardization
The most important factor in electric wires is standardization of the wire. When asked about the importance of standardization, Gadhave and Kalsekar both, raised some valid points which are hard to overlook. Standardisation in wires is an important factor in order to ensure that the wiring is safe and reliable even in hazardous conditions. “Standardization allows different manufactures to manufacture functionally different wires. This results in improved safety. Hence it is very important. We have a certification from STPC. It is a mark of safety granted under the National Safety certification scheme by GoI. The products are tested for risks like shocks, fire and mech injuries. The mark implies that the products are safe and compliant against any hazard,” pointed out Gadhave.

The oxygen index is an important factor and we give our wires oxygen index more than 30% making it flame retardant and safe to use. High insulation resistance of the wire prevents leakage of current, no electrical shock and no damage during installation.

According to Kalsekar, standardization results in specifying the selection criteria of the wire. “The ISI mark needs to be checked before purchasing the wire. It should be done from

Sharing about the offerings of Panasonic Life Solutions, Gadhave said, “Our wires are having anti-termite and anti-rodent ingredients. This helps to enhance the life of the wire and thus increase its longetivity. Eco-friendly products are as per the European guidelines making them the most environment friendly.”

It is very much important to select good electric wires so as to make your home safe and electrically shock proof. In market there are plenty of wires available, but choosing a right wire is bit difficult. The above information will certainly help you to choose correct electric wires that will make your home electrically safe.


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