Eaton’s AFDD+ protects your home against electrical fire

eatons afdd protects your home against electrical fire1
Eaton’s AFDD+ protects your home against electrical fire

Eaton’s AFDD+ protects your home against electrical fire

As per the National Crime Records Bureau, about 60 people die every day in India due to fire accidents and a significant percentage of all fires are caused by electrical defects.  Recently, 10 fire accidents took place in hospitals, including three each in Mumbai and Gujarat, one each in Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Reports suggest that nine out of these 10 accidents took place due to electrical failure. Conventional protective switchgears can protect buildings against fires in general, but not against fires caused by arc fault, which can take place in any building.

To meet this requirement, Eaton, a global expert in energy management, has developed Arc Fault Detection Device or AFDD that offers a comprehensive protective solution against fires triggered by arc faults.

Eaton’s AFDD+ arc fault circuit interrupter significantly enhances your safety as regards electrical fires in your home. Through continuous electronic cable monitoring the device detects arc faults and automatically trips to help prevent residential electrical fires. At the same time, it conveniently removes the need for three separate protective devices. This all-in-one device combines the protective functions of a residual-current circuit breaker, a miniature circuit breaker, and an arc fault detection device to protect against electrical shocks, over-currents, as well as short circuits or arc faults in power cables.

Features of AFDD+:

  • Combines three protective functions in one device
    • Arc fault fire protection
    • Short-circuit and overcurrent protection (cable protection)
    • Residual current protection
  • Easy to assemble in both new and existing installations
  • Saves time during troubleshooting with repetition of the error code
  • In the event of a fault, only the affected final circuit is switched off
  • Built-in displays indicate the device status and the trip reason:
    • User-friendly display of the error code via LED
    • The repetition of the error code saves time during troubleshooting
  • The highly sensitive digital detection of arc faults exceeds the applicable product guidelines and prevents unintentional tripping
  • AFDD+ busbar as accessory supports easy and flexible installation
  • Complies with the guidelines set out in IEC 60364-4-42 and is suitable for use in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420.

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