Saturday, December 9, 2023
excon largest construction equipment exhibition in south asia

Automation India Expo 2023 – Unveiling the Future of Industry!

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Automation India Expo 2023 – Unveiling the Future of Industry!

mojo4Industry is thrilled to present the electrifying highlights from the Automation India Expo 2023! This event was an astounding success, with a massive influx of industry enthusiasts delving into the forefront of innovation and technology.

Over 200 dynamic companies came together to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, transforming the expo into a pulsating hub of technological brilliance. From smart factories to AI-driven processes, every corner was teeming with the latest trends that are reshaping the industrial landscape.

Let’s Dive into the realm of cutting-edge automation and relive the excitement!

Sameer Gandhi, MD, OMRON Automation: So far, our experience has been quite exciting and positive. We’ve attracted a significant number of valuable customers and seen a high level of foot traffic at our booth. Specifically, for the automation show, our primary goal is to introduce innovative solutions and stimulate thought among both our current and potential customers. We aim to inspire them to consider improvements within their own manufacturing processes and work environments. We have launched three new products. Firstly, our TM20 is a collaborative robot with a 20 kg payload capacity. Secondly, our latest high-speed controller, the NX5, not only offers impressive speed but also boasts a high bandwidth, enabling seamless data integration with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Lastly, we have introduced our i-BELT solution, designed to gather data from various machines and control systems on the shop floor of our existing customers. This data is then processed and analyzed to provide meaningful insights, ultimately facilitating improved productivity, greater efficiency, and predictive maintenance capabilities for our customers.

Hemal Desai, VP – Quality & Marketing Communication, Endress+Hauser India: We have been participating in the Automation Show for several years now, and we have noticed a consistent increase in both the number of attendees and the level of participation at the Expo. This growth has been very pleasing for us. Our company specializes in process automation, and we have a history of 70 years in the industry. In simple terms, all our existing products are on display here.However, we are excited to showcase some new and unique products for the first time.

One of these innovations is the Raman online analyzer, a cutting-edge technology that is quite different from anything else in the market. Additionally, we are proud to present our Heartbeat technology, which is a truly unique offering within the automation industry. Most importantly, our products have a significant impact on people’s lives.

We would like to encourage more young people, especially students, to visit our booth. While we already have some students attending, we hope to see even more in the future. This engagement with the younger generation is important to us as it helps them explore the possibilities in the field of automation.

Sajid Sayyed, Co-founder & MD, Burak Metering: The Automation Expo has attracted a significant number of potential customers and collaboration opportunities with industry leaders. This event offers us a chance to expand our presence across India, as it draws visitors from various states who could become valuable partners in their respective fields. We are proud to showcase our groundbreaking innovative technologies in measurements, such as ultrasonic flow meters, thermal mass flow meters, vortex flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, and more.On the first day of the Expo, we have been quite busy at our booth, and we are pleased that potential partners have expressed interest in collaborating with us. We are truly grateful for the recognition of our value and efforts.

Ajey Phatak, Country Manager Marketing, Beckhoff Automation: Our showcase here aligns perfectly with Bechoff’s commitment to cutting-edge automation technology. We are highlighting revolutionary technologies that are exceptionally well-suited for future and smart manufacturing. Among the featured products are compact yet high-performance industrial PC-based automation controls, a variety of I-O modules, and IoT coupling devices that eliminate the need for a separate controller.

Additionally, we are presenting medium-performance PCs, embedded PCs, panel PCs, and distributed drive systems. For those seeking top-tier performance, we offer high-performance industrial PCs equipped with powerful processors like the i7 series, and multiple-core processors (ranging from 8 to 32 cores). These high-performance PCs enable the management of complex machinery and integration of vision-based automation, streamlining operations under a single controller—a unique and valuable capability.

Moreover, our display includes Blue terminal products, including intrinsically safe IO modules and controllers designed for use in the process industry. An exciting addition is our new power supplies, known as SMPs. These power supplies go beyond the ordinary; they are equipped with EtherCAT interfaces, allowing real-time monitoring of power supply conditions while the machinery is in operation. This represents a significant advancement in machine efficiency and maintenance.

Vinayak Suryawanshi, System Sales Engineer, ifm electronic India: We are ifm electronic, a well-established company with 25 years of experience in the field of automation. Our primary focus is on sensor technology, and we are currently showcasing a comprehensive range of sensors at the Automation Expo, including position sensors, photosensors, flow sensors, and various process sensors.In addition to our core sensor offerings, this year marks the launch of a new product in the realm of vibration sensing, and we are proud to introduce our IoT product, Moneo, as well. We are actively demonstrating these innovative products at our exhibition booth during the Automation Expo, where we have been pleased to welcome numerous visitors.

While we are grateful for the positive response from those who have visited our stall, we are eagerly anticipating even more attendees. We have high hopes of generating valuable leads and converting them into sales opportunities for our business. Our goal is to achieve significant growth through our participation in this exhibition, and we look forward to connecting with potential clients who have not yet had the opportunity to explore our offerings at the event.

Mohit Kumawat, IIoT Sales Director, Advantech Industrial Computing India: We have been consistently participating in this expo for the past eight to nine years. This year, we anticipate a significant influx of 200 to 300 new business opportunities generated through the expo. Companies from various regions, including Europe, the USA, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan, are actively participating in the Automation Expo to exhibit their latest products and technologies.

Our exhibition features cutting-edge solutions, such as vibration monitoring and condition-based monitoring solutions. Additionally, we are proud to introduce advancements in AI technology, primarily aimed at enhancing safety compliance in factory and manufacturing settings. Furthermore, we are presenting innovative technology tailored for renewable energy applications in large-scale manufacturing facilities. These innovations represent some of the new technologies we are showcasing at this year’s event.

One of our noteworthy launches for the energy sector is the power plant controller, introduced this year. Furthermore, in 2023, we have unveiled AI-based solutions and products, reinforcing our commitment to technological advancement.

Rupesh Desale, Director, Jumo India: As we are aware, this automation event is the largest in Southeast Asia. Our primary objective here is to connect with new customers, stay updated on emerging industry trends, and expand our professional network. We aim to highlight our expertise to the automation community, ensuring that our offerings are well-aligned with their needs and requirements.

Prakash Rao, Director, Jumo India: We have showcased our complete product range, which encompasses both our longstanding offerings and innovative technologies introduced within the past five years. For this particular expo, we are emphasizing our water-related products, recognizing the significance of water-related solutions in the current Indian market. Specifically, we are highlighting the integration of IoT sensors and crowd connectivity through our newly developed Veritron 500 gateways. This theme serves as the focal point of our exhibition this time.

Furthermore, we plan to launch these cutting-edge products, expected to be available in Germany around November and December of this year. Following this initial launch, we anticipate introducing these products to the Indian market in the subsequent year, which is slated for 2024.

Santhosh K. Jacob, Director & Country Manager, igus India: We did not attend the last two scheduled events. Today marks the first day with a relatively lower level of activity, but we anticipate an increase in attendance in the upcoming days. This is also the first instance where we are showcasing a significant number of machines and have the opportunity, courtesy of igus, to offer comprehensive solutions to our end customers.

This year, as previously mentioned, marks our inaugural participation in the automation sector as both machine and product suppliers. Our primary offerings this year consist of two main products. The first is a two-axis Gantry system, accompanied by a two-axis Delta system. Additionally, we are introducing the Rebel, a collaborative robot (cobot) with plastic components throughout its internal gears, ensuring a completely lubrication-free and exceptionally lightweight system. The Delta Two-axis system is capable of achieving a remarkable production rate of 100 pieces per minute. In essence, we are excited to present these newly launched products at this event.

Charlie Yang, GM, DFI: DFI is a Taiwanese company specializing in embedded board design and manufacturing. Our operations are based in Taiwan, where we take pride in delivering high-quality solutions tailored to the needs of industrial customers. Today, we are pleased to showcase several of our products, which are built on Intel and Qualcomm MD platforms. Our commitment to longevity is exemplified by products we have supplied for over 15 years.

We take pride in offering these services to our embedded customers. Our first demonstration highlights the remarkable performance of our boards, surpassing previous benchmarks. These boards can run four different operating systems, effectively replacing the need for four separate PCs. This not only results in substantial cost savings but also streamlines maintenance, reducing the need to access multiple PCs for servicing.

We are dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions to the burgeoning Indian market, which is experiencing significant growth in industrial manufacturing. We recognize the increasing demand in India and aim to contribute by introducing our products to support the manufacturing sector in the region.

In conclusion, the Automation Expo 2023 has been a remarkable event, offering a platform for industry leaders to showcase their innovations, foster collaborations, and address the evolving needs of automation in Southeast Asia.

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