Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Quaker Houghton for Metalworking

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Quaker Houghton for Metalworking

Join us as we take you through Quaker Houghton’s participation at the recently concluded Pune Machine Tool Exhibition 2024. In this report, discover how Quaker Houghton showcased its comprehensive metalworking solutions, including:
– Metal Removal – Neat
– Metal Removal – Soluble Oils
– Die Casting
– Forging
– Heat Treatment
– Industrial Cleaners
– Rust Protection

Featuring insights from Sachin Mahajan, Marketing Manager, and Om Bagry, Sr. Product Application Manager- Commercial, Quaker Houghton.

Hear from the experts as they discuss their innovative exhibits and their impact on the industry. Don’t miss out on this exclusive coverage! 

Sachin Mahajan: Welcome to the Quaker Houghton booth! Quaker Houghton is a global leader in process fluids with a strong presence across India. Our manufacturing and tone-blowing facilities in Kolkata support our commitment to excellence. 

Quaker Houghton excels in optimizing metalworking processes, whether it’s rolling, cutting, drawing, or casting. We bring innovative solutions to our customers. Participating in this regional, metalworking-focused exhibition aligns with our mission, and we appreciate IMTMA for organizing this event.

We offer a comprehensive range of products essential for manufacturing, including die casting, forging, heat treatment, metal removal, neat removal, rust prevention, and industrial cleaners. Quaker Houghton is unique in providing all these solutions under one roof, ensuring sustainability and efficiency.

Now, please welcome Om Bagry, our All India Product Application Head, who will introduce you to our extensive product lineup.

Om Bagry: Let me introduce our comprehensive product range. We follow a cradle-to-gate approach, providing solutions from the start to the end of the manufacturing process.

Water Soluble Products
This section features our water-soluble products used in machining and grinding. These products are suitable for the automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors, offering end-to-end solutions for various manufacturing processes.

Neat Oils
We also offer a range of neat oils for all manufacturing applications, including OEMs, grinding, and aerospace. Our innovative MO-free technology, based on vegetable oils, provides more sustainable solutions for the industry. We combine MO-based and non-MO-based products to offer effective and eco-friendly solutions.

Heat Treatment Solutions
Heat treatment is one of our core strengths. We pioneered polymer technology in the industry, offering both oil-based and water-based polymer solutions. These are ideal for induction hardening, dunk hardening, silquench furnaces, and through hardening processes. Our focus is on driving sustainable solutions in heat treatment.

Forging Solutions
Our forging solutions include a wide array of products designed to meet diverse industry needs. We are proud to introduce our graphite-free products, which offer more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. These products enhance safety and reduce environmental impact, making them ideal for modern manufacturing processes. In addition to our graphite-free options, we also provide traditional graphite-based technology. This ensures we can cater to extensive forging applications, offering high performance and reliability. Our product portfolio is versatile, allowing us to deliver effective solutions for various forging requirements, from small-scale operations to large industrial applications.

Die Casting Solutions
Our die-casting solutions are specifically developed to address the evolving needs of the industry, particularly with the increasing shift toward lightweight aluminum components. We provide a comprehensive range of products designed to support the entire die-casting process. Our offerings include oil-based poly plunger lubricants and bead-based poly slick lubricants, both formulated to improve performance and efficiency. Additionally, we prioritize safety with our fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, essential for high-temperature operations common in die casting. These fluids help prevent fires, ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly workplace. Our end-to-end solutions for die-casting applications ensure that we can support every aspect of the process, from start to finish, providing our customers with reliable and effective products.

Solution-Oriented Approach
We are transitioning from being a product-based company to a solutions provider. Our FluidTrend technology embodies this shift, focusing on measure, control, and optimize (MCO) principles. FluidTrend collects and analyzes data to offer process optimization and cost-effective solutions, helping customers manage and control their total cost of operations. 

We are committed to providing innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions across the manufacturing industry.

Quaker Houghton offers process fluid solutions tailored to the metalworking industry. Their products are designed to enhance the quality, productivity, and efficiency of your operations.

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