Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Cummins launches CPCBIV+ compliant genset engines

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Cummins launches CPCBIV+ compliant genset engines

Cummins India, one of the leading technology providers of power solutions, announced the launch of its CPCBIV+ emission standard compliant range of genset engines.

With this launch, Cummins and its GOEM partners are ready to offer the full range of gensets, up to 800 KWh that are fully compliant with the latest CPCBIV+ emission norms. The new product range incorporates advanced after-treatment systems and engineering expertise to improve fuel efficiency and load-taking capability while ensuring adherence to stringent emission norms. These advanced genset engines facilitate reliable and seamless transition capability from the grid to genset power, even under extreme conditions. The engines are also equipped with innovative remote monitoring and advanced engine control capabilities, empowering users to monitor crucial engine performance metrics and parameters in real-time from anywhere.

Speaking at the launch event, Ashwath Ram, Managing Director, Cummins, said, “The introduction of CPCBIV+ compliant Cummins powered gensets demonstrates our commitment to providing power solutions that are ‘Cleaner Outside, Reliable Inside’, and are complemented by robust after-market service support for our valued customers.”

Shveta Arya, Business Head, Power Systems, Cummins, further added, “Our cutting-edge, made-in-India, CPCBIV+ compliant product range offers robust and reliable power solutions that meet rigorous regulatory standards and contribute significantly to creating a cleaner and more prosperous world for future generations.”

The company has already commenced production of the new series of generator engines at its manufacturing plants in Maharashtra. Dozens of units have been field tested, operating successfully for more than 25,000 hours across India under various environmental and operating conditions.

The CPCB IV+ emission standards, mandated by the government of India and enforced by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) since July 1, 2023, are among the most comprehensive and stringent norms for power generation engines. Compared to the earlier CPCB II standards, these measures result in an approximate 90% reduction in particulate matter (PM) and harmful oxides of nitrogen (NOx) concentrations. Additionally, the latest CPCB IV+ emission standards now establish a single standard for both prime and stand-by use gensets, covering all fuel types for engines with a power output of up to 800 kWh.

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