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Best of Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2023 | mojo4industry exclusive

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Best of Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2023 | mojo4industry exclusive

The Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2023, Northern India’s largest B2B machine tool exhibition, was a triumph! The event, held from 24-27 August, left an indelible mark on the manufacturing industry. Cutting-edge machinery, robotics, and technology were showcased, setting the stage for the future of manufacturing. From CNC marvels to sustainable solutions, the expo had it all!

The exhibition brought together around 250 exhibitors from India and overseas and attracted industry professionals from all corners of the country, especially from the industrial clusters from Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. Primarily, this event demonstrated the latest cutting-edge technologies built by world-class machine tool manufacturers.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the highlights featuring some of the key exhibitors including Micromatic Machine Tools, Jyoti CNC Automation, Lakshmi Machine Works, Blum Novotest, Shubhline Automation, MMC Hardmetal India, and HITECH Engineering Automotive.

Amit Goel, AGM – Zonal Head (North), AceMicromatic Group: DMTX is an event coordinated by IMTMA. Typically, it draws participation from nearly all machine tool manufacturers. These manufacturers engage with their clientele during the exhibition. I anticipate that this particular showcase will excel. I encourage individuals to explore the Sliding Head machine, a product made in India, which we are currently endeavoring to establish within the Indian market. We have already supplied numerous machines, and our Delta Centre is on par with other competitive machines. Our Die and Mould machines are renowned for delivering superior finishing results.

Nagesh Kamble, Marketing Manager, Shubhline Automation: Shubhline Automation is making its debut at DMTX in Delhi, an event organized by IMTMA. We have received a warm response from both visitors and well-wishers. At Shubhline Automation, we specialize in manufacturing heavy-duty double-column VMC machines in India. Our presence at this event is aimed at providing information about our double-column VMC machines. Our double-column machines are crafted using top-notch machine components sourced from leading countries such as Spain, Japan, and Germany. As a result, our machines are known for their exceptional accuracy and precision.

Gangadhar Sanne, Head-Sales, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited – LMW: We are at DMTX in Delhi 2023, presenting our top-notch products: Smart Mini Master, JD1, JG50, and J2. Our primary focus is on the automobile industry, bearing sector, and pump and valve industries. The response so far has been remarkable, with customers coming from various regions, including NCR, Tier-2, and Tier-3 cities like Rajasthan, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh.

Prashant Sardeshmukh, MD, MMC Hardmetal India:  MMC Hardmetal India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Japan. Leveraging our extensive experience in India, we provide total tooling solutions. At DMTX 2023, we are showcasing our cutting-edge products designed for the automotive, die and mould, aerospace, energy, medical, and other industries. Furthermore, we are introducing new products launched recently. With DiaEdge and Moldino, two esteemed brands, this collaboration enables us to offer a wide range of solutions to our valued customers.

Iranna Sidnal, GM – Western Region, Blum-Novotest India: Blum is a German organization, and in India, we serve as a subsidiary with a global perspective. We specialize in production metrology systems and have a dedicated Novatest division. In our production metrology systems, we emphasize tool setting, job setting, and work setting systems on machines. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and precision compared to manual methods. At the DMTX exhibition, we have received a positive response on the first day. The industry has warmly embraced Blum’s products as they are recognized for their quality. With our expertise in production metrology systems, we anticipate increasing our sales day by day. Looking ahead to the next three days of the exhibition, we expect to connect with many more customers and explore opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefit.

Vikas Soni, Regional Manager, Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd.:  Delhi Machine Tool Exhibition is the largest exhibition in Northern India. At this event, we are showcasing our latest advanced technological products aimed at supporting the manufacturing industry. Among our exhibits, we have a die and mould solution machine that provides a cost-effective solution for those seeking economical die and mould solutions. Additionally, we feature a high-speed build-up center, a turn-mill solution machine, and a horizontal machining center, all designed to boost productivity. We are also excited to introduce our new product, the Zebra Turning Center, which we have named Zebronomics. This innovation is designed to economically facilitate high-volume production of automotive components while occupying minimal space and delivering maximum output.

Atul Gupta, Director, HITECH Engineering Automotive: This marks our inaugural participation at the Delhi Machine Tool Exhibition. We specialize in the distribution of metal cutting tools, lubrication oils, and welding equipment. Our representation includes renowned brands such as Kennametal, WIDIA, VARDEX, Petronas, Lincoln Electric, and D&H Sécheron. Anticipating a substantial turnout at this exhibition, we look forward to generating significant business opportunities for our company. We are optimistic about the potential for a successful event and meaningful business growth.

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